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MPs return to the Commons by UK Parliament on Flickr.
Cleaning and maintenance of the Great Clock 2014 by UK Parliament on Flickr.

"You feel the need for a relationship? Get a dog."

- Peter Devereaux, The November Man (2014)


Hari Berkabung (National Mourning Day for MH17’s Victims) - 22nd August 2014

Selamat Pulang ke tanah air, Malaysians. Welcome home. 

"How do you mourn the death of a stranger? How do you say goodbye when you’ve never said hello? That’s a question that will play on the minds of millions of Malaysians today."
- Frankie D’Cruz’s article titled ‘They’re Coming Home, No Words to Say Farewell,’ published by the Malay Mail

Photos taken by Fandy Azlan.

(Source: madebymalaysians)

It’s Complicated by Michael Faudet

Alfred Hitchcock at the Cannes Film Festival, 1963 © Francois Gragnon

Skógafoss, Iceland
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